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PyDy will participate in Google Summer of Code 2015

Google Summer of Code season is rapidly approaching and we are happy to announce that PyDy will be participating again this year. We are a sub-organization under the Python Software Foundation and our symbolic code is part of SymPy which is under both the PSF and NumFOCUS. Depending on the project students can apply under one or both of the umbrella organizations.

We wish all students good luck and hope to hear from you all soon. Below you will find more information to get started.

General Information

[1]Note that we follow the same submission rules as SymPy but you will have to also follow the rules setup by the PSF and NumFOCUS.

For Students

  • Have a look at our ideas page.
  • See the introduction to contributing to SymPy and set up your development environment.
  • Hang out with us on Gitter.
  • Joint the PyDy mailing list.
  • Start working on your first patch for SymPy or PyDy [2]. Check out the SymPy and PyDy issue trackers for issues labeled “Easy To Fix”.
  • Create a new profile on Melange (even if you did so in previous years)
[2]A patch is required for your application. If you want to work on a symbolic based project you need to patch SymPy otherwise a patch to SymPy or PyDy will count.

For Mentors

  • Create a new profile on Melange (even if you did so in previous years)
  • Connect with both the PSF and NumFOCUS in Melange so that you can be recognized as a mentor.
  • Add your name to the PyDy wiki and the NumFOCUS list.
  • Edit our ideas page.