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PyDy 0.3.0 Has Been ReleasedΒΆ

Today marks the release of PyDy 0.3.0. The release includes 500 commits since 0.2.1 with several major new features, including an overhauled visualizer with IPython notebook integration, overhauled code generation, Python 3 support, and a new System class. The full release notes provide the details of the changes, most of which are fully backwards compatible with 0.2.1.

Ten people contributed code to this release:

  • Jim Crist
  • Christopher Dembia
  • Tarun Gaba
  • Jinank Jain
  • AMiT Kumar
  • Oliver Lee
  • Max Mertens
  • Jason K. Moore
  • Dale Lukas Peterson
  • Sahil Shekhawat

and many others contributed code reviews and testing.

I’d like to give special shout outs to Sahil for spending the last two weeks squashing tons of bugs and Oliver for adding Python 3 support in the last few days before the release.

The latest version of PyDy can be installed via pip or conda:

$ pip install pydy

$ conda install -c pydy pydy

Please try out the new release and report any issues you find on Github.