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Posted in 2015

PyDy 0.3.0 Has Been Released

Today marks the release of PyDy 0.3.0. The release includes 500 commits since 0.2.1 with several major new features, including an overhauled visualizer with IPython notebook integration, overhauled code generation, Python 3 support, and a new System class. The full release notes provide the details of the changes, most of which are fully backwards compatible with 0.2.1.

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PyDy will participate in Google Summer of Code 2015

Google Summer of Code season is rapidly approaching and we are happy to announce that PyDy will be participating again this year. We are a sub-organization under the Python Software Foundation and our symbolic code is part of SymPy which is under both the PSF and NumFOCUS. Depending on the project students can apply under one or both of the umbrella organizations.

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