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Google Summer of Code 2013

Want to develop multibody dynamics software this summer in a large collaborative open source team?

The PyDy project is searching for ideal candidates to participate in Google’s Summer of Code (GSoC). Ideal candidates should be a student and have a strong interest in dynamics, visualization/animation, and have experience with Python, C/C++, and/or Javascript. PyDy has been developed during three previous GSoC grants as part of the SymPy project. The core software can derive symbolic equations of motion of complex multibody systems. This example problem gives you an idea of the current capabilities. This year we are focusing on code which interfaces these symbolic equations with modern tools for simulation and visualization (plotting and 3D animation) which will be developed under SymPy and other relevant projects. The accepted applicant(s) will get high level experience in Python, C/C++, and Javascript languages, agile open source development practices, version control, large scale collaboration, and multibody dynamics including Kane’s and Lagrange’s methods.

If you are interested in applying check out the getting started page. Then send an email to the PyDy mailing list with a brief statement explaining your experience and why you think you are a good candidate for the position(s). The PyDy team will work directly with the top candidates to strengthen their GSoC applications.