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Latest release

The latest release can be downloaded from Github:

Extract the archive, on unix systems (Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Cygwin, etc.) can be done with the command:

$ tar xzf pydy-*.tar.gz


$ unzip xzf pydy-*.zip

It can be installed after extracting by running the following command in the source directory:

$ python install

in the project’s root directory. (You might have to use “sudo” for system wide install)

Previous releases

You can access all the previous releases from the release’s page. This is useful if the latest release does not work for you for some reason.

Development Version

To get the git repository, use:

$ git clone git://

then follow the instructions in the README file.

And you can also access the git repository on the web:



The source distributions are hosted on PyPi at:

If you have pip installed, you can install by:

$ pip install pydy

or, you can manually get the package from PyPi by:

$ wget

extract and install by:

$ tar -zxvf pydy-X.X.X.tar.gz
$ cd pydy-X.X.X
$ python install


Binary packages are hosted at:

These can be installed with conda:

$ conda install -c pydy pydy

To get all of the dependencies for running the PyDy examples you can install this metapackage:

$ conda install -c pydy pydy-examples